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In the first chapter of Transforming Literacy, Ron Berger discusses the challenge of finding “great informational texts” that both meet the Common Core standards and that are compelling to students. I know teachers at Kurt Hahn work hard to gather texts that will help students to gain perspective and build depth of knowledge in their content areas. If we want to ask students to develop their research skills and pursue a path of inquiry on their own, we need to consider what resources we make available to our students. Internet research is difficult, at best, if we want students to rely on valid, high quality texts. I spent some time today researching subscription databases that libraries often make available to researchers. Two that I am considering are the Gale databases and the ProQuest research databases. Each of these provides students with access full length articles from a variety of publications. If you want to check them out and post your opinion, I would love to hear input from the community about this possibility.

Veronica ColemanFinding resources

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