At the Kurt Hahn School, it is our mission to challenge, engage, and empower young people so that they become informed, skilled, and courageous leaders.


Like all NYC Outward Bound schools, we implement the nationally recognized EL Education model rooted in Outward Bound. This model features rigorous learning experiences in and out of the classroom and is built upon a high-achievement culture and mutual support. Our school uses hands-on learning that has real-world applications. At our school, leadership, active citizenship, and character development go hand-in-hand with academic rigor and challenge. By valuing community and character alongside rigorous academics, we foster a school culture that instills in students the desire to take ownership of their own learning and care for their community. Students understand what they have learned and why.


We have partnered with Brooklyn College and Kingsborough Community College to offer College Now Courses.  Students take courses at our school or at the college campus.  Our course offerings include Modern Humanities: Art and Ideas,  Introduction to Business, Behavioral and Social Science: The Individual and His/Her World, and Introduction to College/Career and Life Planning.

Through the AP for All initiative, we have recently introduced: 

  • AP Literature: A Call to Action: Understanding Your Rights using authors including but not limited to Adiche, Hawthorne, and Whitehead.

  • AP Seminar/Statistics using a Neuroscience and Statistics lens as the foundational source of evidence to analyze key topics.

  • AP Human Geography to explore how humans have understood, used, and changed the surface of the earth.


Performance Based Assessment Tasks (PBATs) replace traditional Regents Exams. Assessments include:

  • Analytic Essays on Literature

  • Social Studies Research Papers

  • An original Science Experiment & Paper

  • Problem Solving & Writing on Mathematics

  • Graduation-level PBATs are evaluated by external assessors using Consortium rubrics for both writing and oral presentations.

A series of interim assessments, roundtables, oral argumentation based on content and evidence, analytic as well as creative and first-person writing, teacher- and student-initiated assignments, independent and assigned reading, and hands-on projects all prepare students for their graduation-level performance-based assessment tasks, known as PBATs.


At the Kurt Hahn School, we seek young people who are independent thinkers, experimenters, debaters, and problem solvers. We ask open-ended questions and look to young people to find new and creative ideas to solve persistent dilemmas in pursuit of a more beautiful world. If you are looking to go beyond prep and test and want to explore topics in depth in order to form your own opinions about the world you are experiencing and creating, we are the right school for you.

The Kurt Hahn School is an Education Opportunity School. If you select our school, there is a good likelihood that you will be matched to our school, depending on the number of applicants we receive. Please reach out to our enrollment team at enrollment@kurthahnschool.org if you have questions about Ed Opt or if you want to learn more about our educational philosophy and approach to learning.

Prefer to call?  Feel free to call us at 718-629-1204!