Who is Kurt Hahn?

Who was Kurt Hahn?

Kurt Hahn founded several innovative and successful educational programs, including Outward Bound and the United World Colleges. He is renowned both for his faith in young people to rise to almost any challenge put before them and for his belief in the power of educational experiences to guide youth to make the right choices in even the most difficult of circumstances.

As the headmaster of a successful progressive secondary school in 1930s Germany, Hahn was jailed and ultimately exiled for writing letters to his school’s alumni protesting Hitler and the Nazi’s abuses of power and curtailing of civil rights in the days leading up to WWII. His life is an example of civic leadership and informed moral courage in a dangerous time. It is these notions which guide the design of this school and this spirit that motivates our passion for youth and their future.

For more information, please visit kurthahn.org or watch this short presentation.